Our Services

Professional Development For Educators at all Levels:

  • Reading
    • The Struggling Reader
    • Reading within the Content Area
    • Text Structures
  • Assessment
    • No Child Left Behind
    • From TAAS to TAKS
    • Narrowing Achievement Gaps
  • Narrowing Achievement Gaps

Keynote Addresses and Public Speaking:

  • No Child Left Behind – Interpreting the Legislation
  • Early Literacy
  • Family Literacy
  • Curriculum Development

Educational Aggregation:

  • Correlation and coordination of existing District Initiatives
  • Evaluation of District Infrastructure and Correlation to Available Technological Capabilities

Consulting for E-Learning Ventures:

  • Learning Theory for E-Learning (Show Me – Tell Me Strategies)
  • “Good – Better – Best” E-Modeled Structure


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